The A C Green Show is pleased to provide you with the the best Tax filing and LLC and Corporation set-up services provided by Certified Public Accounts (CPA) at rates that are the lowest in the industry.

Corporate set-Up and structure including LLC and other corporation filing fees, federal tax ID registration and Illinois sales tax registration all included for ONLY $300.00

Individual and corporation tax prep and filing starting at ONLY $249.99

Both the corporate set-up and structure and the Individual or corporate tax prep and filing if done together is only $499.00

As you may know, Congress has lowered the corporate tax rates the governmental systems and structures are being set up to advantage and benefit job creator, corporations or business owners. Which is why you need to set up a corporation. The benefits are many!

If you are receiving a 1099 as an individual, you will be taxed twice, however if you set up as a corporation, you will be taxed only once and only at the individual rate.

If you have a side business, network marketing business, if you invest in bitcoin or other digital currency or earn and money outside of your primary job, you will be subject to a capital gains charge whenever you take possession of your money. However if you set up a LLC corporation, you will not be charged a capital gains tax.