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The A C Green Show Money Savings Challenge You owe it to yourself to take the first hour of every workday and save it...that's all. Can you do it? If you are on a salary at work, then break your salary down hourly and determine what you are paid per hour. Example: If you are paid $10.00 per hour, and you work 5 days per week, then you should take $50.00 per week for yourself, for your future. If you have the discipline to do this by your next pay period thne call us and I promise you will begin to move ahead of the pack.

Indexed Annuity:
In 2008 and 2009 so many people lost an average of 60% of their money in their 401K's and other plans through their jobs. It is amazing the managers of your 401k, mutual funds, IRA's and other plans will allow you to keep your money in place even though they know it is potentially at risk. Every 7 to 8 years the stock market corrects itself. These corrections or crashes, cause people to lose money if it is not in the right investment vehicle. We are in that time NOW!!!! It has been 7 years since the crash of 2008. If you have over $20,000.00 saved in a plan, investment account or bank account that gives you no or little returns and no protection against loss, please call our office. If you are not sure how safe your money is, call our office. Ask yourself, "can I afford to lose 60% of my money"? How long will it take for you to get that money back? Call 708 300 6198 and be sure.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance:
If you are working and you have a 401K or other plan through your job, consider this: Are you in a position with your current savings to retire well and work less as you get older???
 IRS CODE 7702 Makes the IUL POSSIBLE!
The IUL is Government backed and will grow your money tax FREE!!! ...There is NO risk of losing a dime of your money...and your money will grow compound interest up to 13% and higher. DO NOT let this info pass you buy. This is government backed and A C Green approved!!!!
Commit to saving the first hour of your workday and save it for you!!! For example: If you make 20 dollars an hour, you want to save $20.00 per day in an IUL. If you make $30.00 per hour you want to save $30.00 per day. If you make $10.00 per hour, you want to save $10.00 per day in an IUL. If you are on a salary, break your salary down to hourly and use the same formula.

If you are retired:
Don't just leave your 401K or other plan sitting there unprotected. you could lose it all.

If you have an old 401k
If you have a 401k from a previous job you should place that money where it can gain double digit returns with no risk of loss.

If you are working
You need to place your money in a retirement vehicle that will not tax you when you need your money. Especially in retirement.

If you have a 401K, tsp, 403B, 457, deferred comp
Call 708-300-6198 and schedule an appointment to see how you gain better plan for retirement.

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