ACTION PLAN: An officer of the Federal Reserve warns of 18 months of shutdowns

1. Keep your immune system supercharged. Fruits, Veggies, Water, Rest no stress
2. If you own a home, restructure/modify the mortgage. Forbearance is the last option
3. Be sure you have an estate plan-Don’t let the state control your assets.
4. Use this time to get stellar credit. 850 is the highest credit score. Reach for it!
5. Start a business! An online business is best! Consider the Hair Extensions and CBD business.
6. We strongly suggest you consider moving your liquid assets into a fixed index annuity. Make saving and investing money a top priority.
7. Learn a second language. Take an online course.
8. Journal or chart your monthly progress to assure you are on track
9. Walk at least 1 mile (or equivalent) 3 days per week
10. Build only healthy business and personal relationships

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