For 12 years The A C Green Show has delivered timely information and results driven resources. We have exposed hundred of thousands of listeners to businesses throughout the city. We have used our voice to raise thousands of dollars for students to attend college and we have supported countless non profits and necessary causes. The A C Green Show is a relevant media vehicle that is purpose driven.

With all that we have seen so far in 2020, there is no doubt that we have much work to do. It is for that reason that Myself and my team will now laser focus on those who see what we see and believe what we believe. We see a bright future, and we believe we can all enjoy that future if we speak as one voice and move forward in lockstep.

Our Motto: "We're building a community of goal oriented, success driven individuals who recognize the value of coming together to do great things as we all build financial wealth and holistic lives"

If you know this is possible, we invite you to join us. Please fill out the form below. we will keep you informed of meetings and initiatives. Those who join this community, will also receive special offers and discounts from area businesses as well as monthly information on job postings and business opportunities. We invite you to invite other like minded individuals. Together we are going to accomplish much. Welcome aboard!

Starting Sunday June 28th 2020-July 31st 2020 The A C Green Show will give 3 listeners each week $100.00 each!!! Each Sunday on the show, from 1pm to 4pm on Soul 1063FM, listeners will be asked to call in and answer the contest questions. There will be one question each hour. One winner each hour will win $100.00!!! Before you can win, you MUST:

• Fill out the form and Join Our Community
• Subscribe to our Youtube page and click the notification bell
(There can only be one winner in a 28 day period)

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